Episode 31 - Aha's of Holy Week

Biblical Observations from the Passion Story. 
One of the benefits of reading the Bible over and over is that we all mature through experiences.  Wisdom comes from the combination of knowledge and experience and as we read the scriptures and become more familiar with the word of God in the Bible, we see more and more of God's truth and the application to our lives. 

This week, we wanted to share several of those "Aha's" from Pastor Pete and host Mike Westendorf as they talk about some of the things they have learned as they have journeyed through the Word of God and life.  May we all take the mindset that we have never learned the word of God so well that God can't still teach us as we age and mature.

If you have moments where God's word became clearer for you, please share them in the comments.

If you have questions for us to consider on the podcast, please email our host Mike Westendorf at mwestendorf@stpmuskego.org

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Episode 31 - Aha's of Holy Week
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