Episode 32 - Do You Have $80?

Three Thoughts on what God Has Already Given You

In a sermon from a few weeks earlier, Pastor Pete shared an illustration that involved $80 as he helped the congregation wrestle with our guild driven anxiety that fuels the "TRY HARDER" voice we all wrestle with from time to time. With the illustration comes a great conversation on what it means to have access to all the blessings of my heavenly Father. I don't have it, but my Father does. 

We'll talk about the struggle to believe we believe and what God is expecting from us when it comes to the stewardship of the gifts he's given. Join us for a great illustration and conversation and let us know if you have questions as you join us! 

Great Questions, Great Conversations is a podcast of St. Paul's and The Bridge Lutheran church in Muskego, WI. For more information visit www.stpaulmuskego.org

Episode 32 - Do You Have $80?
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