Episode 33 - When Jesus Went To Hell

Understanding Jesus Descent into Hell

The Apostles Creed is a simple summary of the Biblical, Christian faith through the use of several statements that have rich theological depth to them. The second article, (or second paragraph of the creed) has to do with Jesus, who he is, what happened to him and what he does. As part of this creed, there is a line that says "He descended into hell" and this has left people asking questions. In today's podcast we talk about the origin passage for that in 1 Peter 3 and the timeline of Jesus suffering, his death, where his spirit went when he died and when he descended into hell and for what purpose. If this has been a confusing part of your understanding of the Christian faith, we hope this conversation will be helpful and hope filled to you as you consider what Jesus descent into hell means for you and me.

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Episode 33 - When Jesus Went To Hell
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