Episode 34 - The Value and Importance of the Creeds

Why Lutherans Use Creeds in Church

Creeds are a statement of belief that help Christians express the basic truths that they believe, as both an individual or as a corporate church.  Perhaps you already know this, but there is not a uniform agreement in the larger Christian church about the importance of validity of the Creeds.  So why, in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, do our churches frequently use one of the three Ecumenical creeds in worship on an almost weekly basis?

In this Episode of GQGC we will dig into the origin and purpose of the creeds as well as their value and importance to helping us keep the main things the main things.  All of us live by and have statements of faith.  Even "No creed, but Jesus" is a creed - a statement of belief.  The value of the Apostles, Nicene and Athanasian creeds  is of significant help and importance to Christians living in the world today.  We hope by the end of the episode you'll know more about why that is true.

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Episode 34 - The Value and Importance of the Creeds
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